eGov Briefing, Tuesday 28 June 2016 [Postponed]

People Directory slide deck (12 May 2016)

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eGov design authority – preferred supplier

The eGovernment programme is entering a period of negotiations with the preferred supplier for the design authority contract. ASE Consulting Ltd, ( a UK firm with a proven track record in public sector design architecture, have been named as the preferred supplier. Public Sector Reform eGov is a fundamental part of the Reform programme. For … Read more eGov design authority – preferred supplier

eGov Professional Services tender

Tell Us Once with the Parish Registrars

eGov Design Authority Invitation to Tender

Following on from my recent blog, which set out our intentions to establish a Design Authority, we’ve published an invitation to tender on our procurement portal. We’ve had lots of feedback about our procurement process and aim to continue to develop the approach. For this tender we’ve decided to make all of the initial documentation publicly … Read more eGov Design Authority Invitation to Tender

What will eGov deliver: Design Authority

eGov – what’s been going on

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I am very aware of the deafening silence on eGov over the last couple of months and hope that this blog will go some way towards keeping you updated. There is a lot to cover in terms of where the programme currently is, so bear with me. The last 6 months After reviewing the direction … Read more eGov – what’s been going on

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