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Towards a digital ID: part 5

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Working in the open We are blogging regularly here as we continue our journey towards introducing a digital ID for the Island. This is in the spirit of working in the open, something that we know we must improve on. Digital ID is one of the major components that the eGov programme will deliver and … Read more Towards a digital ID: part 5

This week in eGov

Love Jersey We started this week following the successful launch of the Department of Infrastructure’s interactive and well-received new fault reporting app and website: Love Jersey. If you haven’t heard about this you can read the news release. Briefings Monday 8 August we kicked off by holding our internal eGov meeting with eGov project managers, business analysts, … Read more This week in eGov

Jersey is well prepared for the post-Brexit world

On the evening of 23rd June 2016 few retired to bed contemplating the political and financial turmoil that the dawn would bring. The polls and the financial markets confidently predicted a ˊRemainˋ vote and sterling rose accordingly. By the morning, when the result was clear, sterling and the markets had crashed. Within hours the Prime … Read more Jersey is well prepared for the post-Brexit world

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