Updating the School Funding Formula

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Today the Government has published an updated funding formula for 2023, which outlines how the education budget has been allocated to schools in the financial year 2023.  What is the school funding formula?  The funding formula is an operational document – it sets out the budgets for the different areas that schools need to fund. … Read more Updating the School Funding Formula

Digital ID procurement – want to know more?

PAC publish Review of eGov

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The Public Accounts Committee published its review of the eGov programme today. You can read the report here. We want to take some time to review the report and will publish our thoughts and responses over the next few days.

Integration platform procurement – want to know more?

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We will hold a brief informal presentation and Q&A next week for those interested in understanding more about our plans. Time 12:00 – 13:00 Date Tuesday 27 June 2017 Venue Jubilee Wharf, 24 The Esplanade, St Helier Interested in coming? Please drop us a line on egov@gov.je so we are expecting you.

Integration platform procurement

An integration platform has long been one of the deliverables of the eGov programme. Earlier this year we ran a series of workshops and subsequently blogged about our approach; Towards an integration platform Part 1, Part 2. Following the requirements gathering process a number of integration platform vendors have been identified as having the potential … Read more Integration platform procurement

Helping people use online services

The primary objective of the eGov programme is to build better government services and deliver them online. That means building services people choose to use. There are lots of things we have to do better to achieve this; thinking about the customer when we build services, not thinking about any internal boundaries and testing services … Read more Helping people use online services

Tools for Decision Making from the Design Authority

Technical Architecture Industry Day

All Jersey-based suppliers are invited to attend an open session to learn about the ongoing work to develop the States of Jersey’s Technical Architecture. Objective The objective of the session will be to share the States of Jersey Architecture Framework which informs technology delivery. Suppliers will be provided the artefacts for reference. The session will … Read more Technical Architecture Industry Day

This week in eGov

Love Jersey We started this week following the successful launch of the Department of Infrastructure’s interactive and well-received new fault reporting app and website: Love Jersey. If you haven’t heard about this you can read the news release. Briefings Monday 8 August we kicked off by holding our internal eGov meeting with eGov project managers, business analysts, … Read more This week in eGov

The eGov briefing on Tuesday 28 June 2016 has been postponed

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The eGov Briefing Session scheduled for 12 noon on 28 June at the St. Paul’s Centre has been postponed. We regret any inconvenience caused. Please contact the eGov Team at eGov@gov.je with any questions.