Tell Us Once with the Parish Registrars

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Registering a birth or a death is a big deal. These are emotional times that do not benefit from the unnecessary clutter of visits and paperwork. These two life events are amongst the first to be stitched together by the Tell Us Once team working with a host of different service providers and front and centre amongst these are the Parish Registrars.

The Registrars and Tell Us Once team

With a large proportion of the population and the General Hospital in town, the St. Helier Parish Registrars manage a lot of the volume.

I had the opportunity to sit with them as they started testing a new system that helps integrate the process of registration across the Parishes, States, doctors and funeral directors. It is clear that great progress has been made developing a new process and enabling it with technology.

They reminded me of the importance of developing an enhanced process that is ‘good enough’ to launch and finessing it with the benefit of ongoing use and testing. I saw a number of problems which can irritate, but are minor considering the big improvement in service for our customers.

As ever, these are steps in the right direction, and ongoing improvement is continuous.

Good work.

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