Economy: What has been done for you?

During the first year of Government, there has been an enormous amount of work undertaken to support Jersey’s economy across every sector. This list shows some of things that have happened so far: For all sectors Arts Digital Financial Services Maritime Rural Sport Visitor

The Island Games: More than just sport performances

The Guernsey 2023 NatWest International Island Games XIX was a week when sport took over the front pages, as well as the back. Throughout the week, triumphs and disappointments were reported at pace. But off the pitches, courts, and tracks, there was work going on behind the scenes which didn’t make the papers. For Jersey, … Read more The Island Games: More than just sport performances

Inspiring Islanders with the NatWest International Island Games 2023

A support network for women in sport

Clean Sport Week

Promoting economic growth

The Economic Development Department (EDD) oversees a large portfolio of activity which will be enhanced by the transfer of Sport and Culture later this year – subject to States approval. I am delighted to be working with my new Assistant Ministers: The Constable of St Brelade, Steve Pallett, who has responsibility for Sport, Liquor Licensing … Read more Promoting economic growth