Why I want to introduce a land development charge

Happy birthday Gov.je

Not that we need an excuse for cake but this week is the 21st anniversary of the Gov.je website. So we’re pulling out the photo album and looking back at how we’ve changed over the years. 1996 In July 1996 the States of Jersey press release announcing the launching of new website, said: “The Internet, a … Read more Happy birthday Gov.je

Towards a digital ID – part 9

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This latest instalment in my series on our journey towards introducing a digital ID scheme for Jersey provides early sight of our draft requirements before we go to tender. If you’ve not been following the series, or if you need a refresher on how we’ve got to this point, please review the previous blog posts … Read more Towards a digital ID – part 9

Digital ID procurement – want to know more?

States Assembly to debate Jersey Gazette