Sea Temperature Trends in Jersey Over the Last 60 Years

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This picture is part of a wider warming trend which is being seen across much of the globe and has been recently been highlighted in the media by Copernicus data (Climate change: World’s oceans suffer from record-breaking year of heat – BBC News). This is in line with what we would expect to see over the land and sea in a globally warming climate.

Gear up for Bike Month

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Cycling more as part of your everyday life can help save you money and improve your mental and physical health at the same time. It’s also a more sustainable mode of transport, which in some cases can be quicker than going by car (hello morning commute).   The month of May is Bike Month, a perfect … Read more Gear up for Bike Month

An equinox to remember

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For a great number of modern people, leading modern lifestyles, if rotten weather happens to coincide with the event, then it is sadly not even mentioned, let alone celebrated. However, in 2024, here in Jersey (and no doubt in most other nearby locations), the weather could not have been more spring-like… soft sunshine, barely a breath of wind and the highest temperatures of the year so far. People simply couldn’t stop talking about it.

Food Waste Action Week: Reducing waste one peel at a time

Cultivating my garden has always brought me immense joy. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about nurturing plants and witnessing the beauty of nature first hand. As my passion for gardening grew, so did my awareness of the environmental consequences of food waste. It struck me that the sort of waste we produce—vegetable peelings, eggshells, and the … Read more Food Waste Action Week: Reducing waste one peel at a time