Residential Tenancy Law: the way forward

In this blog post, Minister for Housing, Deputy Sam Mézec, explains his “way forward” regarding a new Residential Tenancy Law for Jersey. Jersey faces a severe housing crisis which poses an existential threat to our future prosperity. It is vital that the government acts swiftly and decisively to implement policies aimed at resolving this crisis. … Read more Residential Tenancy Law: the way forward

Population and Employment – What does the data tell us?

For a small island, we are lucky enough to be relatively data rich. We have a lot of data, and Statistics Jersey has a programme of work which is delivering more data, different data and better data. This creates a challenge for the economics unit as we look to use this information to understand the story it is telling us about the economy of Jersey. This month’s note looks at the data we have on population, employment and jobs, and the narrative that this data collectively tells us.

Our journey to the launch of the Vision for Inclusive Education

Jane Lancaster-Adlam: Whilst sitting in my Covid-19 lock down hotel room in Hong Kong I came upon an advert in the TES for ‘Head of Inclusion’ in Jersey – somewhere that I had never been but was drawn to the text which clearly indicated the desire for the islands education system to become more inclusive. … Read more Our journey to the launch of the Vision for Inclusive Education

Gear up for Bike Month

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Cycling more as part of your everyday life can help save you money and improve your mental and physical health at the same time. It’s also a more sustainable mode of transport, which in some cases can be quicker than going by car (hello morning commute).   The month of May is Bike Month, a perfect … Read more Gear up for Bike Month

How to be the healthiest you

Beyond the bricks and mortar of property maintenance

As a Property Maintenance Project Officer in Jersey Property Holdings, Jessica Smits oversees a number of projects preserving the Island’s public buildings to ensure functionality for generations to come.