Building Stronger Communities: Releasing Better Neighbours

In an era where rehabilitation and reintegration are gaining more traction as effective methods to reduce recidivism, initiatives like the “Releasing Better Neighbours” programme at HMP La Moye are paving the way for a more constructive approach to incarceration. Prisoners are encouraged to address offending behaviour through the programme which was inspired by the Seven Pillars of Recovery research conducted by prisoners in Norway.

Prison Governor reflections two years in

Why Jersey’s Field Squadron and not the Royal Navy, or farming?

Meet our Prison Governor

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I came to Jersey last Easter with my husband, three children and our golden retriever. It definitely took quite a lot of re-adjusting to live in Jersey and work for the Government here, but we’re all really settled in now and loving Island life. We’ve enjoyed the winter much more than people suggested we might, … Read more Meet our Prison Governor

How do we shape a long-term vision for Jersey

In my last blog post, I looked at why we need a long-term vision for Jersey – an addition to the four year plans set by each Council of Ministers and which would be the guiding document by which all other policies across government would be guided and informed. How though do we begin the process … Read more How do we shape a long-term vision for Jersey

Securing our borders

One thing I have learnt about being Home Affairs Minister is that events can overtake plans and you generally can’t predict what your next surprising phone call will be about. The certainty is that these are rarely happy events. After the terrible attack on Paris it was no surprise when the Chief of Police called … Read more Securing our borders

Business as usual all summer

Like most offices around the island, the corridors of Cyril Le Marquand House are quieter at this time of year, as people take their annual holidays. However for the departments we manage from Home Affairs, it is business as usual. The Fire Service was stretched to capacity last week when the island was hit by a … Read more Business as usual all summer