Towards a digital ID: part 3

In December I blogged an update about our work towards introducing a digital ID for Jersey. If you missed that, please read part one and part two so that you understand the context for today’s blog post. OIX discovery project In “Towards a Digital ID – part 2” I introduced the Open Identity Exchange, and the … Read more Towards a digital ID: part 3

Innovation update

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The Innovation Review, launched in September last year, was designed to open a number of new chapters. It allows us to consider why we have succeeded in the past, to learn how we can improve on the present, and to be optimistic about our potential. Implementing the recommendations could make a meaningful difference to jobs … Read more Innovation update

Updated laws on intellectual property

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I am very pleased that the last piece of major legislation that updates Jersey’s suite of intellectual property laws has now been lodged. This particular piece of legislation deals with Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Varieties. This means that anyone who develops a distinct new variety of plant will be able to obtain an exclusive … Read more Updated laws on intellectual property