Tax package to boost tech investment and support staff mobility

Last week’s Government Plan contained a unique package of tax measures that we are rolling out from 2024. The package has two important aims:

To boost business productivity by promoting investment in Regulatory Technology, through a 150% super-deduction for RegTech spend.

To remove tax barriers that currently create uncertainty and cost for businesses with staff moving into and out of the Island.

Moneyval: A summary

Celebrating and supporting languages in Jersey

Today, we celebrate European Day of Languages. This day was founded by the Council of Europe on 26 September 2001 to promote awareness of the importance of language learning and protecting linguistic heritage. As Languages Adviser for Jersey Education, I support schools to promote a range of languages. Research already demonstrates the linguistic, cognitive and … Read more Celebrating and supporting languages in Jersey

Building a new hospital: understanding the costs

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With the lodging and publication of the Proposed Government Plan (2024-2027) last week, Islanders will want to understand the full costs of developing the new healthcare facilities that Jersey urgently requires. Spend to date and value across all hospital schemes  Our focus now is to take advantage of the knowledge and assets acquired in previous … Read more Building a new hospital: understanding the costs

Cyber Security Awareness Month: What’s it all about?

Making long-term care easy to understand on

Public Voice: Common Ground at ‘Placemaking in Practice’, British-Irish Council, Cardiff, 2023

All The Colours – Queer Arts at Pride  

Channel Islands Pride 2023 is set to provide a showcase for local artists during the Pride celebrations in People’s Park and Victoria Park on Saturday, September 16th. The Creative Island Partnership is thrilled to support this year’s Channel Islands Pride event. This celebration represents a wonderful showcase of our local artists and creates a fantastic … Read more All The Colours – Queer Arts at Pride  

Competition and Productivity

Building Stronger Communities: Releasing Better Neighbours

In an era where rehabilitation and reintegration are gaining more traction as effective methods to reduce recidivism, initiatives like the “Releasing Better Neighbours” programme at HMP La Moye are paving the way for a more constructive approach to incarceration. Prisoners are encouraged to address offending behaviour through the programme which was inspired by the Seven Pillars of Recovery research conducted by prisoners in Norway.