Romanian Great Union Day

Changing Season

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Autumn is a transitional season. A bridge between Summer and Winter, but the steepness/bumpiness of that bridge can vary greatly from year to year. However, it’s always a safe bet that the end of Autumn will be significantly colder than the beginning. The reason being astronomical…

Deputy Malcolm Ferey speech at Embrace our Difference event.

It is important to promote a diverse workforce that ensures every individual, including those with disabilities, has every opportunity to succeed. As we look toward the future of our island, it is crucial that we embrace diversity in all its forms, recognizing that our collective strength lies in our differences.

Debating the merits of offshore wind

Skate Space Jersey: Empowering Young Skateboarders for a Brighter Future

Skateboarding is not just a sport; it’s a culture, a way of life, and a form of self-expression.

Over the years, skateboarding has gained immense popularity and has evolved into a global phenomenon. It’s a sport that bridges age, gender, and cultural gaps, providing a sense of community and belonging for millions around the world.

New Healthcare Facilities: Construction and Supplier Forum – exploring opportunities for the local sector

The New Healthcare Facilities team gives an update on construction industry engagement. The New Healthcare Facilities team has been keen to make an early start on engaging with the local construction sector, as we hope they will all have a role to play in delivering infrastructure and buildings for vital healthcare services. Last week we … Read more New Healthcare Facilities: Construction and Supplier Forum – exploring opportunities for the local sector

Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights

Jersey’s Economy: 2022

Making easy read…easy

In an increasingly digital world, we must ensure that our information and services are accessible to everyone. One way to achieve this is by creating easy read content. Easy read content uses simple language, clear formatting and visual aids to make information more understandable for a wide range of people. It’s particularly beneficial for people … Read more Making easy read…easy