Helping people use online services

The primary objective of the eGov programme is to build better government services and deliver them online. That means building services people choose to use. There are lots of things we have to do better to achieve this; thinking about the customer when we build services, not thinking about any internal boundaries and testing services … Read more Helping people use online services

e-parishes Positive Steps

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Every property owner is required to submit an Annual Rates Return of the land owned in each Parish, over 28,000 annual returns were made in 2015. This process is administered by the 12 Parish Connétables (Constables) . We recognised that an increasing number of parishioners now prefer to use an online option where possible so last … Read more e-parishes Positive Steps

Health, happiness and our environment

Can you put a cost on the contribution of the environment to our health and happiness? Yes, according to the authors of a study from the University of California. They say cities that invest in encouraging their citizens to be physically active show better economic productivity, higher property values and improved school performance. They also … Read more Health, happiness and our environment

The business of environment