Economy: What has been done for you?

During the first year of Government, there has been an enormous amount of work undertaken to support Jersey’s economy across every sector. This list shows some of things that have happened so far: For all sectors Arts Digital Financial Services Maritime Rural Sport Visitor

Q&A Blog: GST De Minimis

Opportunity through Connectivity

Last Saturday, for the first time since Brexit, a Condor ferry and a Manche-Iles Express ferry arrived from Granville carrying passengers who didn’t all have French passports. This didn’t stop them enjoying the day in Jersey, however, as those French citizens travelling only with their national ID cards were able to take advantage of a … Read more Opportunity through Connectivity

Jersey Resilience: New Civil Contingencies Law to be prioritised

The Government of Jersey takes the resilience of the Island very seriously indeed and is constantly reviewing how it is assessing the challenges ahead and learning from those which we have recently faced. For example, the Report of the Jersey Independent COVID-19 Review, High Expectations, contained a number of recommendations aimed at ensuring that civil … Read more Jersey Resilience: New Civil Contingencies Law to be prioritised