eGovernment programme industry update

We are now in a position to provide an update on the direction of the eGov programme. As you know, we were undertaking a procurement exercise to find a lead partner. That process, and the feedback we received from bidders, has not given us the information we needed to give the programme a clear and specific focus. This means that we have not engaged a lead partner and have recently advised bidders of our decision.

What next?

We remain firmly committed to investing in the eGov programme and have taken the time to reconsider our objectives and approach. The scope of eGov remains ambitious and much of the original thinking behind the design and core components remains sound. For example we will continue to focus on the design of enterprise architecture and data management to bring consistency to the way we operate across States departments. The need for online authentication and a form of customer portal also remains.

The change of scope includes an increased focus on how the development of eGov solutions can improve the way departments work together and how they provide services to customers. We will start with the tax and social security functions and will address the need to replace or redevelop core systems in these functions and work to align common activity more closely.

We will work with departments to re-engineer services around customers and move them online and provide support to the parishes in their pursuit of the same objectives. Many of the services provided by departments and parishes will be developed and delivered in parallel with the development of the eGov design and core components. Consequently there will be a strong focus on delivering improved service to customers quickly, even if starting with small increments.

A critical aspect will be to rethink how we approach the market to support delivery of the eGov programme and this is still under review. We will engage with the market to establish this approach and provide further updates once this is clear.

As set out, the change in scope now focuses our immediate attention on the social security and tax functions and the leadership of the programme is changing to reflect this. Jonathan Williams, currently the Deputy Chief Officer of Social Security, is taking the role of Business Change Director responsible for eGov, reporting directly to the Chief Executive of the States, John Richardson.

eGov remains integral to the successful reform of the public sector and these changes will bring greater focus to the programme and evidence our collective commitment to delivery.

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