Minister for Social Security Chamber Speech 04/10

My ministerial responsibilities run across both Social Security and financial services. Although I have had contact with many individual businesses across all sectors over the last year, it is great to have this opportunity to set out some of my key priorities for next year as well as updating you on some existing projects that I know will be of interest to you.

My First Year in Government

I have observed elections from the outside in the past and having worked for over a decade within the civil service, and more recently within the charitable sector, I have often noticed that this initial burst of energy tends to fade away rapidly as elected politicians revert to type and fall out of listening mode.

Connect Me: Connecting our Communities

Mini budget question and answers with Deputy Steve Ahier

Following last week’s launch of the mini budget we have seen lots of questions from the public and wanted to show we are listening to them. The mini budget is part of the Council of Ministers’100 Day Plan. Deputy Steve Ahier, Assistant Treasury Minister answered some of those questions. When will this all happen then? … Read more Mini budget question and answers with Deputy Steve Ahier

Social Security Minister on doing more with less