Your first look at the States Assembly beta website

Our beta version of the States Assembly website is online and available for everyone to test. We have been releasing the website in stages over the last four months and testing it with various users. So far the feedback has been really positive. Each page is getting a make-over with a new look and feel, improved features and more importantly they are responsive for … Read more Your first look at the States Assembly beta website

Five minutes for your future

Protect the environment for the future

Is a decent standard of living affordable in Jersey?

Whatever your reason for being or staying in Jersey, it’s important to protect the things that make the Island special – we want it to be a great place to live, socialise, grow up and belong; a place where community and people matter. We asked Islanders about these important issues in our recent My Jersey online survey, … Read more Is a decent standard of living affordable in Jersey?

Jersey 2036 – what you’d change

Planning for the future

Budget 2017 will help us to manage a successful future. Together with the Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Plan, it is part of an agreed three year plan that draws on reserves to support the economy in the short term and balance budgets in the medium term. Looking further ahead, we will need strategic direction … Read more Planning for the future

Does Jersey need a long-term plan?

In March this year Jersey’s government launched a consultation on a long-term vision for Jersey. The idea was to begin to raise awareness and encourage debate about some of the bigger issues Jersey faces over the longer term and to capture people’s views before the final vision was developed. It’s a woolly term ‘vision’ and … Read more Does Jersey need a long-term plan?

Jersey’s Digital Policy Framework – feedback so far

Health, happiness and our environment

Can you put a cost on the contribution of the environment to our health and happiness? Yes, according to the authors of a study from the University of California. They say cities that invest in encouraging their citizens to be physically active show better economic productivity, higher property values and improved school performance. They also … Read more Health, happiness and our environment

Playing our part

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In the past few weeks we have witnessed distressing scenes as thousands of people flee desperate situations in their homelands. More than 300,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year. Jersey has a long history of responding generously to humanitarian need and I believe it is right that we do what … Read more Playing our part