Celebrating and supporting languages in Jersey

Today, we celebrate European Day of Languages. This day was founded by the Council of Europe on 26 September 2001 to promote awareness of the importance of language learning and protecting linguistic heritage. As Languages Adviser for Jersey Education, I support schools to promote a range of languages. Research already demonstrates the linguistic, cognitive and … Read more Celebrating and supporting languages in Jersey

Public Voice: Common Ground at ‘Placemaking in Practice’, British-Irish Council, Cardiff, 2023

All The Colours – Queer Arts at Pride  

Channel Islands Pride 2023 is set to provide a showcase for local artists during the Pride celebrations in People’s Park and Victoria Park on Saturday, September 16th. The Creative Island Partnership is thrilled to support this year’s Channel Islands Pride event. This celebration represents a wonderful showcase of our local artists and creates a fantastic … Read more All The Colours – Queer Arts at Pride  

Building Stronger Communities: Releasing Better Neighbours

In an era where rehabilitation and reintegration are gaining more traction as effective methods to reduce recidivism, initiatives like the “Releasing Better Neighbours” programme at HMP La Moye are paving the way for a more constructive approach to incarceration. Prisoners are encouraged to address offending behaviour through the programme which was inspired by the Seven Pillars of Recovery research conducted by prisoners in Norway.

Embracing Health and Sustainability

Jersey’s First Fermentation Club Cultivated by Scoop the Sustainable Cooperative.
In a world that often moves at breakneck speed, fermentation club stands as a reminder to slow down, connect with the past, and savour the rewards of patience and preservation

Online Services. What is one.gov.je?

One.gov.je is our online customer portal and is designed to provide customers with easy access to Government of Jersey’s services. This online platform, accessible at https://one.gov.je/myservices, offers a diverse array of forms and services that cater to the diverse needs of Jersey’s residents. Whilst one.gov.je can be visited directly, the most common journey users take is via the information on … Read more Online Services. What is one.gov.je?

Accessibility and gov.je

In an increasingly digital world, ensuring that government information and services are accessible to all citizens, regardless of their abilities, is paramount. Recognising this, the Government of Jersey has taken steps to make gov.je as accessible as possible. Understanding Web Accessibility: A Brief Overview Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of designing and developing … Read more Accessibility and gov.je

Translating the generosity, skills and compassion of the people of Jersey

By Jersey’s Minister for International Development, Deputy Carolyn Labey Jersey’s Overseas Aid programme continues to advance in leaps and bounds, and it is a privilege for me to be the Minister responsible for one of the Island’s great success stories.  As the year since our government was established has been packed with achievements, I have … Read more Translating the generosity, skills and compassion of the people of Jersey

Economy: What has been done for you?

During the first year of Government, there has been an enormous amount of work undertaken to support Jersey’s economy across every sector. This list shows some of things that have happened so far: For all sectors Arts Digital Financial Services Maritime Rural Sport Visitor

Jersey Youth Choir: Take a chance on us!

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Thanks to receiving a grant from the Connect Me: Connecting our Communities Grant Scheme, The Jersey Youth Choir has been able to minimise costs to its participants so that money isn’t a barrier for those interested in getting involved.