Moneyval: A summary

Cyber Security Awareness Month: What’s it all about?

Competition and Productivity

Economy: What has been done for you?

During the first year of Government, there has been an enormous amount of work undertaken to support Jersey’s economy across every sector. This list shows some of things that have happened so far: For all sectors Arts Digital Financial Services Maritime Rural Sport Visitor

The future is digital…. and human

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In the second in the series of blogs on the future Visitor economy for Jersey, we explore the potential of digital for the sector. I spoke to business leader and industry ambassador Matt Falla about how he sees the industry in 2030. Click to watch the video here. Whilst human interactions and experiences will always … Read more The future is digital…. and human

Cost of Living focus: Your FAQs answered on inflation and rising costs

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What’s the difference between cost of living and inflation? The cost of living refers to the amount of money required to sustain a certain standard of living, including expenses such as housing, food, transportation, and healthcare. It varies depending on location, lifestyle, and individual preferences. While the cost of living considers specific expenses, inflation reflects … Read more Cost of Living focus: Your FAQs answered on inflation and rising costs

Economic Notes: July

Hospitality and Tourism – why is now a critical turning point and why do we need a strategy? 

Why we can’t give teachers a 15.4% pay rise

Q&A Blog: GST De Minimis