Our plan for Jersey

Next week is an important one for Jersey. It’s the week the States Assembly sets the direction of the island’s public finances for the next four years. It’s vital that we get this Medium Term Financial Plan right so we can support the emerging economic recovery and invest in priority areas, like health and education. … Read more Our plan for Jersey

Tell Us Once with the Parish Registrars

Supporting innovation

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Earlier this month saw the publication of the Jersey Innovation Review. It was undertaken by Tera Allas, an acclaimed international expert in innovation policy, and is a comprehensive piece of work that is already proving to be highly influential as we start to ramp up our policy efforts in this area. The review made a … Read more Supporting innovation

Gov.je does it again. We’ve been ranked No 1 for satisfaction

Gov.je is in the #1 spot on the GovMetric Channel Satisfaction Index for August. This follows last months good news that for the first time, www.gov.je took first place in the Sitemorse UK local government quarterly index. Customer satisfaction measurement at the point of contact GovMetric is the feedback tool that you see in the bottom right-hand … Read more Gov.je does it again. We’ve been ranked No 1 for satisfaction

Towards a digital ID: part 1

eGov Design Authority Invitation to Tender

Following on from my recent blog, which set out our intentions to establish a Design Authority, we’ve published an invitation to tender on our procurement portal. We’ve had lots of feedback about our procurement process and aim to continue to develop the approach. For this tender we’ve decided to make all of the initial documentation publicly … Read more eGov Design Authority Invitation to Tender

Planning to reduce red tape? Yes, we really are

The eGov ‘Tell Us Once’ programme: part 1

Playing our part

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In the past few weeks we have witnessed distressing scenes as thousands of people flee desperate situations in their homelands. More than 300,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year. Jersey has a long history of responding generously to humanitarian need and I believe it is right that we do what … Read more Playing our part

Social Security Minister on doing more with less