Residential Tenancy Law: the way forward

In this blog post, Minister for Housing, Deputy Sam Mézec, explains his “way forward” regarding a new Residential Tenancy Law for Jersey. Jersey faces a severe housing crisis which poses an existential threat to our future prosperity. It is vital that the government acts swiftly and decisively to implement policies aimed at resolving this crisis. … Read more Residential Tenancy Law: the way forward

Population and Employment – What does the data tell us?

For a small island, we are lucky enough to be relatively data rich. We have a lot of data, and Statistics Jersey has a programme of work which is delivering more data, different data and better data. This creates a challenge for the economics unit as we look to use this information to understand the story it is telling us about the economy of Jersey. This month’s note looks at the data we have on population, employment and jobs, and the narrative that this data collectively tells us.

Record breaking Christmas Experience – CONNECT Me

Christmas comes but once a year, as does the opportunity to try and break a Guinness World Record, which is exactly what Bino Rodrigues is trying to do this month as part of his Jersey Christmas Tree Experience within Howard Davis Park.

Deputy Malcolm Ferey speech at Embrace our Difference event.

It is important to promote a diverse workforce that ensures every individual, including those with disabilities, has every opportunity to succeed. As we look toward the future of our island, it is crucial that we embrace diversity in all its forms, recognizing that our collective strength lies in our differences.

New Healthcare Facilities: Construction and Supplier Forum – exploring opportunities for the local sector

The New Healthcare Facilities team gives an update on construction industry engagement. The New Healthcare Facilities team has been keen to make an early start on engaging with the local construction sector, as we hope they will all have a role to play in delivering infrastructure and buildings for vital healthcare services. Last week we … Read more New Healthcare Facilities: Construction and Supplier Forum – exploring opportunities for the local sector

Celebrating and supporting languages in Jersey

Today, we celebrate European Day of Languages. This day was founded by the Council of Europe on 26 September 2001 to promote awareness of the importance of language learning and protecting linguistic heritage. As Languages Adviser for Jersey Education, I support schools to promote a range of languages. Research already demonstrates the linguistic, cognitive and … Read more Celebrating and supporting languages in Jersey

Cyber Security Awareness Month: What’s it all about?

Online Services. What is is our online customer portal and is designed to provide customers with easy access to Government of Jersey’s services. This online platform, accessible at, offers a diverse array of forms and services that cater to the diverse needs of Jersey’s residents. Whilst can be visited directly, the most common journey users take is via the information on … Read more Online Services. What is

Accessibility and

In an increasingly digital world, ensuring that government information and services are accessible to all citizens, regardless of their abilities, is paramount. Recognising this, the Government of Jersey has taken steps to make as accessible as possible. Understanding Web Accessibility: A Brief Overview Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of designing and developing … Read more Accessibility and

Digital. What’s in a word?