Financial Recovery Plan (FRP)

Chris Bown (Chief Officer) and Obi Hasan (Financial Recovery Director and Change Team Finance Lead) at Health and Community Services, are leading the Financial Recovery Plan Programme. They sat down to answer questions on the plan, in order to update Islanders on the progress.  What is FRP? FRP is the Financial Recovery Programme.  We have … Read more Financial Recovery Plan (FRP)

Tax package to boost tech investment and support staff mobility

Last week’s Government Plan contained a unique package of tax measures that we are rolling out from 2024. The package has two important aims:

To boost business productivity by promoting investment in Regulatory Technology, through a 150% super-deduction for RegTech spend.

To remove tax barriers that currently create uncertainty and cost for businesses with staff moving into and out of the Island.

Competition and Productivity

Economy: What has been done for you?

During the first year of Government, there has been an enormous amount of work undertaken to support Jersey’s economy across every sector. This list shows some of things that have happened so far: For all sectors Arts Digital Financial Services Maritime Rural Sport Visitor

Q&A: Credit reference agencies and access to information

The below Q&A relates to a Consultation on improving the information made available to credit reference agencies, which can be found here: Credit reference agency access to information ( Why does Government want to give credit reference agencies access to personal information? Government is proposing to provide UK credit reference agencies (“CRAs”) with information on … Read more Q&A: Credit reference agencies and access to information

RegTech – the future of financial services

Digital ID and emerging areas such as open finance, blockchain analytics, and embedding legal contracts into complex financial products are all in their early stages and pose challenges – but they are the future of financial services. That overall conclusion was reached by the brilliant group of speakers who came over to Jersey for Future … Read more RegTech – the future of financial services

How do you contact Revenue Jersey?

Combatting Financial Crime Together: Suspicious Activity Reports

The Jersey Financial Investigation Unit has just published the latest quarterly results of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), giving a detailed overview of the kinds of reports received from the industry. More detailed SARs forms were introduced early last year and, as a result, much more in-depth analysis is possible, including: The information contained in SARs … Read more Combatting Financial Crime Together: Suspicious Activity Reports

Combatting Financial Crime Together: Risk – summary of event held on 28 Sept 2022

Risky (virtual asset) business?

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To its supporters cryptocurrency (or virtual assets, aka VAs) is a brave new world, a digital asset that exists across computer networks, outside the control of governments and central authorities, bringing cheaper and faster money transfers for those otherwise excluded from the financial system. To its detractors it is a bubble waiting to burst, or … Read more Risky (virtual asset) business?