Tax package to boost tech investment and support staff mobility

Last week’s Government Plan contained a unique package of tax measures that we are rolling out from 2024. The package has two important aims:

To boost business productivity by promoting investment in Regulatory Technology, through a 150% super-deduction for RegTech spend.

To remove tax barriers that currently create uncertainty and cost for businesses with staff moving into and out of the Island.

Independent Taxation: to B or not to B?

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The recent debate in the States Assembly on mandatory independent taxation generated an interesting discussion; real food for thought; and also created a good deal of confusion.

Maintaining stability in an uncertain world

A year of government

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As we reach the end of a busy year it’s the time to take stock. We have seen some eye catching headlines and a lot has been said about our strategic priorities and financial plan. But government has been getting on with things. You can now pay your social security contributions online, police officers are … Read more A year of government

Playing our part

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In the past few weeks we have witnessed distressing scenes as thousands of people flee desperate situations in their homelands. More than 300,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year. Jersey has a long history of responding generously to humanitarian need and I believe it is right that we do what … Read more Playing our part