Moneyval: A summary

Combatting Financial Crime Together: Suspicious Activity Reports

The Jersey Financial Investigation Unit has just published the latest quarterly results of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), giving a detailed overview of the kinds of reports received from the industry. More detailed SARs forms were introduced early last year and, as a result, much more in-depth analysis is possible, including: The information contained in SARs … Read more Combatting Financial Crime Together: Suspicious Activity Reports

Combatting Financial Crime Together: Risk – summary of event held on 28 Sept 2022

Risky (virtual asset) business?

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To its supporters cryptocurrency (or virtual assets, aka VAs) is a brave new world, a digital asset that exists across computer networks, outside the control of governments and central authorities, bringing cheaper and faster money transfers for those otherwise excluded from the financial system. To its detractors it is a bubble waiting to burst, or … Read more Risky (virtual asset) business?

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