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e-parishes Positive Steps

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Every property owner is required to submit an Annual Rates Return of the land owned in each Parish, over 28,000 annual returns were made in 2015. This process is administered by the 12 Parish Connétables (Constables) . We recognised that an increasing number of parishioners now prefer to use an online option where possible so last … Read more e-parishes Positive Steps

Official notices on

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For over 55 years, official public and parish notices and other matters requiring to be brought to the attention of the public have been published within The Jersey Gazette. Official notices include enactments made by the States of Jersey and the dates of forthcoming parish assemblies and elections. Notices inform businesses of the deadlines for making their manpower returns, they … Read more Official notices on

Towards a digital ID: part 3

In December I blogged an update about our work towards introducing a digital ID for Jersey. If you missed that, please read part one and part two so that you understand the context for today’s blog post. OIX discovery project In “Towards a Digital ID – part 2” I introduced the Open Identity Exchange, and the … Read more Towards a digital ID: part 3

Innovation update

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The Innovation Review, launched in September last year, was designed to open a number of new chapters. It allows us to consider why we have succeeded in the past, to learn how we can improve on the present, and to be optimistic about our potential. Implementing the recommendations could make a meaningful difference to jobs … Read more Innovation update

Updated laws on intellectual property

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I am very pleased that the last piece of major legislation that updates Jersey’s suite of intellectual property laws has now been lodged. This particular piece of legislation deals with Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Varieties. This means that anyone who develops a distinct new variety of plant will be able to obtain an exclusive … Read more Updated laws on intellectual property

Fly your flags (without asking)

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Do you know you can do more to your home or business without planning permission, and we’ve brought in changes to make applying for planning more straightforward? When the Minister for Environment, Deputy Steve Luce came in, he asked the Planning Department to review the law on what you can do without planning permission, known … Read more Fly your flags (without asking)

eGov design authority – preferred supplier

The eGovernment programme is entering a period of negotiations with the preferred supplier for the design authority contract. ASE Consulting Ltd, ( a UK firm with a proven track record in public sector design architecture, have been named as the preferred supplier. Public Sector Reform eGov is a fundamental part of the Reform programme. For … Read more eGov design authority – preferred supplier

Making it easier to pay import GST online

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At Jersey Customs and Immigration Service (JCIS) we are improving our online revenue collection system which is accessed by private importers to pay excise/customs duty and import GST on goods imported into the Island. The current interface was developed when GST was introduced in 2008 and through listening to public feedback we recognised a redesign … Read more Making it easier to pay import GST online

Track My Bus

This week the Department of Infrastructure and Liberty Bus launched a beta version of Track My Bus, an online service that provides (close to) real time locations for all the buses on the Island as well as information on all routes and easily accessible timetables. As beta suggests this is still a work in progress … Read more Track My Bus