Online Services. What is is our online customer portal and is designed to provide customers with easy access to Government of Jersey’s services. This online platform, accessible at, offers a diverse array of forms and services that cater to the diverse needs of Jersey’s residents. Whilst can be visited directly, the most common journey users take is via the information on … Read more Online Services. What is

Accessibility and

In an increasingly digital world, ensuring that government information and services are accessible to all citizens, regardless of their abilities, is paramount. Recognising this, the Government of Jersey has taken steps to make as accessible as possible. Understanding Web Accessibility: A Brief Overview Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of designing and developing … Read more Accessibility and

UX certifications for the Digital Delivery Team

Last week Holly Morison and Amber James from the Digital Delivery Team in Modernisation and Digital attended the NN/g Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference in London to complete their UX (User Experience) certification. NN/g are known as world-leaders in UX consulting and research. They provide best practice and experience with experts in the field. They … Read more UX certifications for the Digital Delivery Team

Seeking companies who can help us manage and evolve our websites and CRM systems

Today we have published a pre-qualification questionnaire, the first stage in a tender for services relating to some of our core IT systems. The tender includes four lots: Management of Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure Design and development of websites Management of Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems Consultancy, configuration and customisation of a Microsoft Office 365 based intranet … Read more Seeking companies who can help us manage and evolve our websites and CRM systems

States Assembly and Scrutiny websites refresh

The States Assembly and Scrutiny websites are being updated to make them easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. This has given us an opportunity to look at both of the sites in detail and explore how they can be improved. We’ve decided to merge the two sites on to make Scrutiny information easier to … Read more States Assembly and Scrutiny websites refresh

Integration platform procurement

An integration platform has long been one of the deliverables of the eGov programme. Earlier this year we ran a series of workshops and subsequently blogged about our approach; Towards an integration platform Part 1, Part 2. Following the requirements gathering process a number of integration platform vendors have been identified as having the potential … Read more Integration platform procurement

Digital principles for a better digital government

Almost everyone has a view on what ‘digital’ means and unsurprisingly these can be different from one person to the other. It is for this reason that we identified the need to have sets of principles, setting a common way of thinking. The first set of principles is around Digital Design. These Digital Design Principles are a … Read more Digital principles for a better digital government

This week in eGov

Love Jersey We started this week following the successful launch of the Department of Infrastructure’s interactive and well-received new fault reporting app and website: Love Jersey. If you haven’t heard about this you can read the news release. Briefings Monday 8 August we kicked off by holding our internal eGov meeting with eGov project managers, business analysts, … Read more This week in eGov