Towards a digital ID – part 12

Tender update

In my last update on 15 September, we had just closed the submission period for companies that wished to tender for a digital ID solution for use by Islanders when dealing with the Jersey government online.

Since then, we have had the excitement of reading through all the submissions, which represented a range of types of solution. We have had numerous rounds of meetings to evaluate and score each bid against the requirements set out in the tender documents.

The evaluation panel has been made up of people from different backgrounds. It included senior representatives from various departments that will be major users of digital ID, together with technical experts, our head of digital procurement, representatives from the eGov programme and States IT, and an external observer.

The panel shortlisted four proposals. Those suppliers were invited to present to us last week.

We are now progressing with the final stages of evaluation. This part of the process is expected to take a few weeks.

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