Integration platform procurement

An integration platform has long been one of the deliverables of the eGov programme. Earlier this year we ran a series of workshops and subsequently blogged about our approach; Towards an integration platform Part 1, Part 2.

Following the requirements gathering process a number of integration platform vendors have been identified as having the potential to meet the high level requirements.

This list was compiled following analysis of specialist research material and in consultation with independent IT advisory firm Gartner. Consideration has also been given to vendors and products that have international recognition in government and eGovernment integration, or are already operational within the States. Any proposed solution shall be exclusively selected from this list of vendors.

Traditionally, vendors have offered an on-premise solution for application integration which has the advantage of keeping all data in-house and so can be protected by the enterprise network security controls. The industry is now moving towards a cloud deployed integration solution known as integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that provides a hosted solution with capabilities to integrate enterprise systems with the added advantage of hosting on scalable managed cloud platforms.

Shortlist of potential vendors

Vendor Name Product Name On-premise iPaaS
MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform Yes Yes
Microsoft BizTalk Yes Yes
Oracle Fusion/ICS Yes Yes
Dell Boomi AtomSphere Yes Yes
Informatica PowerCenter Yes Yes
IBM WebSphere Yes Yes
InterSystems Ensemble Yes No
Cybernetica X-Road Yes No

There will be two lots set out in the tender which can be bid for either independently or as a bundle:

Lot 1

The provision of the integration platform (including the software and any hosting platform), installation support, platform administration training and ongoing support.

Lot 2

Integration support ONLY (including platform configuration, build of integration flows, service support, skills transfer and training).

The importance of the integration service is significant and, as such, we will be building a small internal team to own existing and establish new integrations over time. Delivery of Lot 2 will support this team as we establish internal capability.

The programme will publish the tender soon, once we have concluded good alignment with ongoing programmes of work including the tax system replacement and Digital Health and Care Strategy.

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