Tools for Decision Making from the Design Authority

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On December 13th, we will share with our Jersey Tech Community the Technical Architecture which has been developed by the Design Authority. If you are interested in learning about the architectures, policy and guidance that the States of Jersey will use to inform our service and technology delivery in the future, I urge you to attend. Please see the details of our invitation.

I thought it was important to return to the reasons why we need a technical architecture and a design governance capability. In 2015, reflecting on the disparate planning derived from a departmental structure, we agreed we needed a Design Authority to help us think and plan as one business. I published a more detailed summary last May: What will eGov deliver – Design Authority

We, the States of Jersey and Parishes, are making strides to be more efficient by establishing capabilities that are reusable across our organisation. We are putting our customer at the heart of our services, giving them more control and removing the pain points in our processes.

We now have a technical architecture and the business architectures are developing. More importantly, we have the required artefacts to inform our decision making and our projects are adopting these artefacts to develop target architectures that demonstrate a more cohesive approach.

I encourage our supplier community to learn more about the States of Jersey’s architectures, policies and guidance. These tools will inform our future decisions on what is required and when.

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