The importance of the eGov programme to residents

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I am very excited to take up the new role of Assistant Minister for eGovernment. This is the first of what I hope will be regular blogs.

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The eGov programme is one of the most important programmes being undertaken by the States of Jersey. When successful this will revolutionise the way residents interact with the Government while making essential cost savings and efficiencies in the services provided.

There are a number of goals I wish to achieve to ensure that the programme is in the best possible place before the next elections in May 2018.

My goals are to:

  • strengthen the eGov programme and accelerate the rate of change
  • help complete the Programme of Foundation Projects
  • ensure that a single process is in place for all future projects to follow in a consistent and uniformed way
  • ensure that the recommendations made by the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in the reports on eGov, Public Sector Reform (PSR) and financial management are actioned

I will be doing this by:

  • providing ministerial leadership and support to the eGov team
  • working with the Ministerial Departments to help make sure their eGov objectives are met in a constant and timely manner
  • communicating regularly with stakeholders such as States Members and industry on the progress of the eGov programme
  • working with Digital Jersey to ensure that the local digital industry are engaged and involved in the programme

First few weeks

On 9 August we started a refreshed communication plan with three briefing sessions in St Paul’s Centre:

  • States Members
  • digital industry
  • media

I would personally like to thank all who attended for taking the time and for the positive and constructive feedback they gave.

This is just the start of a new communications plan for updating on the progress of the eGov programme.

Over the next year we plan on holding more briefings, blogging, attending events, using traditional and social media channels and setting up stalls around St Helier.

I want to make sure that the public of Jersey have the confidence that the eGov programme is delivering the successes and savings we are promising.

Achievements to date

We have already seen some great successes in the eGov programme:


pic blog 3.pngI would like to give a big thank you to the eGov team for all the hard work they have put in to getting us where we are today and look forward to working together going forward.

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