does it again. We’ve been ranked No 1 for satisfaction is in the #1 spot on the GovMetric Channel Satisfaction Index for August. This follows last months good news that for the first time, took first place in the Sitemorse UK local government quarterly index.

Customer satisfaction measurement at the point of contact

GovMetric is the feedback tool that you see in the bottom right-hand side of each page on our main website, you will probably recognise the three smiley faces. The smiley faces are familiar across the UK, with over 70 local authorities subscribing to the feedback service.

GovMetric takes the satisfaction ratings for these 70+ councils in the UK and produces a monthly index against which we can rank ourselves.


We use the GovMetric tool so that customers can provide feedback about a specific page or about the website as a whole. Customers who leave their contact details with their feedback are contacted directly.

Turning feedback into action

Website feedback, whether good or bad, is received by the Web Content Team and actioned as quickly as possible with either a response from the Web Content Team or it is forwarded to the appropriate department to action.


We get a wide variety of feedback comments, in particular lots of customer tell us how much they like our weather pages and how easy they are to use.

They also tell us:

  • when links are broken or they’ve spotted a typo
  • when something took too long to find
  • when they did find the information they were looking for
  • when the site didn’t answer their question and they still needed further details

Channel Satisfaction Index August 2015



Total feedback responses

Net satisfaction

States of Jersey  99,500  331  0.47
Tewkesbury Borough Council  81,943  315  0.34
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea  158,649  1735  0.24
South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council  148,127  177  0.21
Hertfordshire County Council  1,116,062  1443  0.16
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham  182,493  394  0.15
Luton Borough Council  203,201  152  0.15
Nottinghamshire County Council  785,802  526  0.13
Plymouth City Council  256,384  252  0.13
Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council  317,849  806  0.13


Service improvements

We view customer feedback as a way of delivering tangible results. Often the reason a customer was unhappy was that they couldn’t resolve their query when looking for information. By collecting, monitoring and responding to feedback we make incremental improvements to the site and its content.

This feedback channel has proved so effective on our public facing website that the feedback tool will shortly be appearing on the States of Jersey’s main intranet, MyStates, with feedback flowing directly to relevant personnel and teams.

Once this is in place we’ll have a complete feedback system for our customers and our staff. Customer feedback, combined with staff feedback, gives us an opportunity to view our online services externally and internally, helping us make improvements that benefit all stakeholders.

Be sure to include your email address if you get in touch!

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