High Value Residents bring economic benefit to Jersey

Funding a new hospital for Jersey

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It seems like we have been talking about a new hospital for a long time. Do we need it? Where should it go? How much will it cost? I am convinced that we do need a new hospital. The existing building has developed piecemeal over many decades and its physical condition, assessed in an independent survey, … Read more Funding a new hospital for Jersey

Planning for the future

Budget 2017 will help us to manage a successful future. Together with the Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Plan, it is part of an agreed three year plan that draws on reserves to support the economy in the short term and balance budgets in the medium term. Looking further ahead, we will need strategic direction … Read more Planning for the future

Budget 2017

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Budget 2017 maintains our established principle that taxes should be low, broad, simple and fair. It proposes no fundamental change to our system of taxes, duties and charges, it encourages investment, growth and creates significant job opportunities, particularly for our young people. Some people have expressed concern that the tax burden is falling disproportionately on “middle … Read more Budget 2017

A year in the Treasury

Our plan for Jersey

Next week is an important one for Jersey. It’s the week the States Assembly sets the direction of the island’s public finances for the next four years. It’s vital that we get this Medium Term Financial Plan right so we can support the emerging economic recovery and invest in priority areas, like health and education. … Read more Our plan for Jersey