Online Services. What is

Online Services. What is is our online customer portal and is designed to provide customers with easy access to Government of Jersey’s services.

This online platform, accessible at, offers a diverse array of forms and services that cater to the diverse needs of Jersey’s residents.

Whilst can be visited directly, the most common journey users take is via the information on Services are referenced within the explanatory content so that users can initiate a service or make a request without the need to continue reading elsewhere.

The services provided range from personal matters to professional requirements, these forms eliminate the need for physical visits, tedious paperwork, and prolonged waiting times. Whether you’re applying for a driving license, submitting tax declarations, or requesting certificates, you’ll find dedicated forms tailored to your needs.

Each form is designed with user convenience in mind. Step-by-step guidance, intuitive fields, and helpful tooltips make filling out forms simple, even for those unfamiliar with online processes.

Services at your fingertips

The website is not just about forms; it’s a comprehensive hub of government services. From healthcare and education to transport and housing, the website covers a wide range of services that citizens need in their daily lives. Applying for a school place for your child or scheduling a medical appointment is now just a few clicks away.

The website helps to achieve a number of benefits:

1. Time Savings
Gone are the days of queuing up at government offices. With the MyServices portal, citizens can access services from the comfort of their homes, saving valuable time and effort.

2. Reduced Paperwork
The move towards digital forms not only streamlines processes but also contributes to environmental conservation by significantly reducing paper usage.

3. Efficiency
The service design and reporting mechanisms ensure that services are delivered promptly, minimising unnecessary delays.

4. User control
By putting citizens in control of their applications and service requests, the portal empowers individuals to actively engage in government processes.

Digital ID

Most of our online services don’t require you to verify your identity to access them, but some of our online services, like the personal income tax return form, do. This is achieved using Digital ID.

We offer users two solutions to have their own Digital ID, Yoti and JerseyMe.

Yoti is an app that you need to download to your smartphone. The app is free, secure and easy to use and is effectively your ID on your phone.

JerseyMe is the Government of Jersey’s digital ID solution that gives you safe and secure access to the Government’s online services using a account. 

You’ll need a digital ID to access online services that require you to verify your identity, such as completing your tax return, changing your contact details, obtaining or renewing your registration card or obtaining a Covid Status certificate. is one of the ways we are seeking to bring services closer to people. With its growing range of forms and services, we are working to provide greater convenience and efficiency, and become more citizen-centric.

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