Making easy read…easy

Making easy read…easy

In an increasingly digital world, we must ensure that our information and services are accessible to everyone.

One way to achieve this is by creating easy read content.

Easy read content uses simple language, clear formatting and visual aids to make information more understandable for a wide range of people.

It’s particularly beneficial for people with cognitive impairments, learning disabilities or limited literacy skills.

Easy read guidelines and best practice standards

Last year we published our blog Easy read: building accessible and inclusive services in government which outlined how we built a new easy read site for people with learning disabilities.

As part of that project our next steps included implementing easy read best practice standards across Government.

Our mission was to make creating easy read content – easy. So, we designed our new easy read guidelines.

These guidelines will assist Government departments in creating great easy read content for our customers.

The guidelines include:

  • easy read style
  • easy read images
  • easy read webpages
  • a new easy read leaflet template

Why easy read is important

Having easy read guidelines and best practice standards is essential for promoting inclusivity and ensuring that government information and services are accessible to everyone.

We hope these standards will bring quality and consistency to our easy read content across government and empower our customers to make informed decisions, access essential services and exercise their rights.

More information about easy read

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