Jersey 2036 – what you’d change

Planning for the future

Budget 2017 will help us to manage a successful future. Together with the Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Plan, it is part of an agreed three year plan that draws on reserves to support the economy in the short term and balance budgets in the medium term. Looking further ahead, we will need strategic direction … Read more Planning for the future

Budget 2017

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Budget 2017 maintains our established principle that taxes should be low, broad, simple and fair. It proposes no fundamental change to our system of taxes, duties and charges, it encourages investment, growth and creates significant job opportunities, particularly for our young people. Some people have expressed concern that the tax burden is falling disproportionately on “middle … Read more Budget 2017

Jersey’s constitutional position in relation to Brexit

Tell Us Once: part 3

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It’s been a while since we last updated you on the Tell Us Once project. There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and we want to tell you about some of the new services we have delivered to make your life easier. Tell us you’re leaving the island If you’re leaving … Read more Tell Us Once: part 3

A changing world

In addition to his more widely publicised comments about forthcoming economic ‘turbulence’ and the post-Brexit ‘rollercoaster’, the UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, also told the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham this month that business hates uncertainty. While commentators may be divided in their prognoses for the future of the economy and the effects of Brexit, very … Read more A changing world

Customer portal: part 1

Planning for the best possible future for Jersey after Brexit

Three months have passed since the Brexit vote and much water has passed under the proverbial bridge. The English media narrative has lurched from predicting imminent catastrophe to expressing cautious optimism about the future. The UK government has recovered some of its equilibrium although, viewed from the outside, there is little clarity about which lines … Read more Planning for the best possible future for Jersey after Brexit

Towards a digital ID – part 6

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Six weeks has passed since my last update on our progress towards introducing a digital ID scheme for Jersey, so this is a good time to update you on recent activity. For those who haven’t been following this series up until now, please review the previous blog posts on this subject so that you understand the … Read more Towards a digital ID – part 6

Maintaining stability in an uncertain world