Tell Us Once: part 3

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It’s been a while since we last updated you on the Tell Us Once project.

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and we want to tell you about some of the new services we have delivered to make your life easier.

Tell us you’re leaving the island

If you’re leaving the island for 3 months or more (this doesn’t include if you’re going to university), you can let us know by completing an online form.

The Leaving the island for more than 3 months form tells various different departments across the States that you’re leaving, including;

• Social Security
• Taxes Office
• Health and Social Services
• Education (only if they’re leaving with a child)
• doctor’s surgery (only if they want us to tell the surgery)
• the parish you last lived in in Jersey

Previously, when someone told us that they were leaving, the information wasn’t shared across departments, and so departments continued to try to contact them.

It was also a pain for these leavers to have to contact each department individually, and often they would forget to inform some departments.

Tell us your business has ceased trading

Similar to the leaving the island service, there is now an online form that businesses can complete to let us know that they have ceased trading.

This will then tell the Business Licensing team, Social Security Contributions team and the Taxes Office, so that they can update their systems and records.

This means that departments are doing less chasing, and the legal requirements for closing a business have been made much easier for business owners; 85% of users have rated the service as “Very Good”.

For the next stage, we’re working with the Jersey Financial Services Commission to make sure that they’re also told about a business closing.

Improvements to submitting a manpower return

We have also looked at improving the employer returns service by reviewing the information on, and making some changes to our internal processes.

We have simplified the manpower return process for ‘one man bands’, ie sole traders, or those working by themselves in a company.

The new process has been used by over 3,000 organisations, which has saved time for them, and increased the number of returns we receive.

Submit your employer returns

What else we have done

As well as introducing the above new services, we have:

  • reviewed what we’ve done over the last year and looked at ways to improve them
  • simplified the processes for starting a new business, and moving to Jersey
  • looked at using the brand new customer portal
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