Digital Architecture and Design

Following the recent Design Authority industry day, a number of comments received from Jersey’s digital industry through Slack and other mediums related to architecture and design. The question arising from these comments can be summarised as ‘What is architecture and how is this different from design?’ The purpose of this blog is to clarify the … Read more Digital Architecture and Design

Helping people use online services

The primary objective of the eGov programme is to build better government services and deliver them online. That means building services people choose to use. There are lots of things we have to do better to achieve this; thinking about the customer when we build services, not thinking about any internal boundaries and testing services … Read more Helping people use online services

Towards a digital ID – part 7

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As we near the end of 2016 the ‘discovery’ phase of our journey towards a digital ID for Jersey is coming to an end. I am optimistic that we can move into an implementation phase in early 2017, though this will be challenging for the reasons explained below. If you’ve not been following these series of … Read more Towards a digital ID – part 7

Technical Architecture Industry Day

For those who attended the Industry Day earlier this week, thank you for joining us. For those who didn’t, we will be organising a number of different types of engagement activities going forward (and you can see some pictures of the event below). Purpose Our goals were to share our reference architecture with all interested industry … Read more Technical Architecture Industry Day

Your view: Protect the environment for the future

The beauty and diversity of Jersey’s natural environment is key to its appeal as a place to live and through our recent My Jersey survey, thousands of you made it clear that the environment is high on your list of important issues for the Island’s future. More than 50% of you set your future ambition … Read more Your view: Protect the environment for the future

High Value Residents bring economic benefit to Jersey

Is a decent standard of living affordable in Jersey?

Whatever your reason for being or staying in Jersey, it’s important to protect the things that make the Island special – we want it to be a great place to live, socialise, grow up and belong; a place where community and people matter. We asked Islanders about these important issues in our recent My Jersey online survey, … Read more Is a decent standard of living affordable in Jersey?

The Design Authority – our discovery work and first deliverables for the States of Jersey

The States of Jersey is focused on improving its organisational efficiency and reducing its cost of operations. In doing so, the States recognised the need for a design capability; what is now called the Design Authority (DA for short). In this blog entry I will explain what the DA is and the work it has done so … Read more The Design Authority – our discovery work and first deliverables for the States of Jersey

Funding a new hospital for Jersey

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It seems like we have been talking about a new hospital for a long time. Do we need it? Where should it go? How much will it cost? I am convinced that we do need a new hospital. The existing building has developed piecemeal over many decades and its physical condition, assessed in an independent survey, … Read more Funding a new hospital for Jersey

Control of Jersey’s borders

For centuries many Jersey people have left the Island to live elsewhere. Conversely, others from many countries have come to Jersey to work in different industries, or to seek refuge. Thousands of French Protestant Huguenots came here in the late 17th and early 18th centuries to escape persecution in France. Then Irish workers came, to … Read more Control of Jersey’s borders