GST and the Community Costs Bonus

Combatting Financial Crime Together: Risk – summary of event held on 28 Sept 2022

Mini budget question and answers with Deputy Steve Ahier

Following last week’s launch of the mini budget we have seen lots of questions from the public and wanted to show we are listening to them. The mini budget is part of the Council of Ministers’100 Day Plan. Deputy Steve Ahier, Assistant Treasury Minister answered some of those questions. When will this all happen then? … Read more Mini budget question and answers with Deputy Steve Ahier

Commuting by bike… working with the weather for a smoother ride

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You may have heard people say, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. Preparation is what weather forecasts are all about.

Risky (virtual asset) business?

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To its supporters cryptocurrency (or virtual assets, aka VAs) is a brave new world, a digital asset that exists across computer networks, outside the control of governments and central authorities, bringing cheaper and faster money transfers for those otherwise excluded from the financial system. To its detractors it is a bubble waiting to burst, or … Read more Risky (virtual asset) business?

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Protecting non-profit organisations from criminals and terrorists

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Russian sanctions: can you sanction Crypto?

Russian sanctions: the impact so far