Why does Jersey need a Cyber Security Law? 

Cyber security is an ever-changing area. New vulnerabilities continue to appear, and malicious actors will find ways to exploit them. Whilst it is never possible to eliminate all risks, Jersey organisations need to be vigilant and take steps to prepare.

A two-week consultation on the proposed Cyber Security (Jersey) Law starts on Tuesday 5 March and runs until Tuesday 19 March.

The notion of Visitor Economy

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Why are we talking about the Visitor Economy and not just Tourism? We use the term Visitor Economy because this is a broader term concerned with the whole ecosystem and is more place-centric than the term Tourism, which is concerned with the person doing the visiting. For those who want a definition, let me humour … Read more The notion of Visitor Economy

Behind the doors of Jersey’s abattoir

Connect Me: Dreaming Trees, Immersive Bracelets

Embarking on an Artistic Odyssey: Victor’s Experience at the Silk Road Artists’ Rendezvous in China

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Meet the Water & Air team

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Our female colleagues in the Water and Air team in Land Resource Management (Infrastructure and Environment department) share their experience as scientists for International Day of Women and Girls in Science which is observed on 11 February.

How healthy will we be in 20 years’ time?

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How healthy will Jersey’s population be in 20 years’ time? It’s a question many people might be interested in, not least the Public Health Team. We’ve been considering the answer in our latest report on disease projections. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can look at levels of long-term illness in our population … Read more How healthy will we be in 20 years’ time?

Miguel de Freitas: A 30-year commitment to ‘Keeping the Island Running’

Keeping the Island running for over 100,000 people is no easy job. But the reason our roads are safe, our toilets flush and our parks are lush, are because of a department made up of a much smaller number than those who live here.

A taste of Asia with Stars Noodle Bar this Lunar New Year 

Last year’s Lunar New Year festivities introduced a different kind of celebration to Jersey’s Central Market. One of the businesses that participated last year was Star Noodles Bar, who are delighted to be involved again in the upcoming 2024 Lunar New Year Festival.

Celebrating Lunar New Year the Korean way, with JEJU