Jersey on the international stage

Jersey has extensive political autonomy, and in many respects has the power to shape its own destiny, However the UK is responsible in law for the Island’s international relationships. We cannot join international organisations like the United Nations and the Council of Europe in our own right, nor can we make treaties or enter international agreements, … Read more Jersey on the international stage

Securing our borders

One thing I have learnt about being Home Affairs Minister is that events can overtake plans and you generally can’t predict what your next surprising phone call will be about. The certainty is that these are rarely happy events. After the terrible attack on Paris it was no surprise when the Chief of Police called … Read more Securing our borders

A year in the Treasury

Action on innovation

Education matters

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Henry Ford famously said: “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” You could argue there is a parallel in education; a school that focuses on nothing but exam results is no kind of school at all. Teachers, parents and employers agree wholeheartedly on this point. The question is how we – … Read more Education matters

A Housing Strategy for Jersey

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In the last few weeks I have met with housing providers, landlords, and construction businesses, considered some very difficult housing applications, and supported my ministerial colleagues as, among other things, we have launched the budget. In all this, I always have one thing at the front of my mind – everyone deserves a good quality … Read more A Housing Strategy for Jersey

eGov Professional Services tender

Fit for the future

Jersey’s Health and Social Services Department is effectively one of Jersey’s largest businesses, although it is not often considered in such terms. With a budget of more than £200 million a year and around 2,700 employees, we deliver a range of services covering the hospital, mental health, community and social work, and public health. At … Read more Fit for the future

Our plan for Jersey

Next week is an important one for Jersey. It’s the week the States Assembly sets the direction of the island’s public finances for the next four years. It’s vital that we get this Medium Term Financial Plan right so we can support the emerging economic recovery and invest in priority areas, like health and education. … Read more Our plan for Jersey

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