How do you contact Revenue Jersey?

How do you contact Revenue Jersey?

We’ve been thinking about this question a lot recently.  We know many of you like to come in and see us, which is why we’ve got Revenue Officers available at La Motte Street, ready to help.  But we also know that many of you only come into see us when you need something simple – like a new ITIS rate – and you wish there were an easier way to get this from us.

Revenue Jersey is constantly seeking ways to improve our customer service, which is why we’ve made an online Enquiry Form.  To use this form, you just select your reason for contacting us and give us some identifying information.  Then, if you need any paperwork – like a payment statement, or an assessment from a previous year – it’ll be with you in five days, maximum.  For the sake of speed, ITIS rates will also be emailed as well as posted to you.

The Enquiry Form is one of the most efficient ways to contact Revenue Jersey.  It’s used by thousands of customers a month already and only needs two days to resolve most queries.  It also allows customers to ‘self-serve’ – so you don’t need to go out of your way to visit us, if you don’t have a lot of time.  We want all our customers to be able to contact us in the way that best suits them.

A big part of improving customer service means acknowledging what hasn’t worked.  In the past, we’ve encouraged customers to email us, but many of the emails we received did not contain the information we needed.  The Enquiry Form was created to eliminate this issue: if you select an option on the Form, and follow the instructions given, you’ll get what you need.  It’s that simple.  For this reason, the Enquiry Form has now replaced our personal tax inbox.

If you need to contact Revenue Jersey, why not see if our online Enquiry Form can help?  You can use the Form to tell us about a change in salary, get a copy of your ITIS rate, or update your contact details – and that’s just a small selection of the options available.  It’s a 24/7 service, so it’ll always be there when you need it.  Visit today to see what it can do!

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