Jersey 2036 – what you’d change

Planning for the future

Budget 2017 will help us to manage a successful future. Together with the Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Plan, it is part of an agreed three year plan that draws on reserves to support the economy in the short term and balance budgets in the medium term. Looking further ahead, we will need strategic direction … Read more Planning for the future

Budget 2017

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Budget 2017 maintains our established principle that taxes should be low, broad, simple and fair. It proposes no fundamental change to our system of taxes, duties and charges, it encourages investment, growth and creates significant job opportunities, particularly for our young people. Some people have expressed concern that the tax burden is falling disproportionately on “middle … Read more Budget 2017

Maintaining stability in an uncertain world

Jersey is well prepared for the post-Brexit world

On the evening of 23rd June 2016 few retired to bed contemplating the political and financial turmoil that the dawn would bring. The polls and the financial markets confidently predicted a ˊRemainˋ vote and sterling rose accordingly. By the morning, when the result was clear, sterling and the markets had crashed. Within hours the Prime … Read more Jersey is well prepared for the post-Brexit world

How do we shape a long-term vision for Jersey

In my last blog post, I looked at why we need a long-term vision for Jersey – an addition to the four year plans set by each Council of Ministers and which would be the guiding document by which all other policies across government would be guided and informed. How though do we begin the process … Read more How do we shape a long-term vision for Jersey

Does Jersey need a long-term plan?

In March this year Jersey’s government launched a consultation on a long-term vision for Jersey. The idea was to begin to raise awareness and encourage debate about some of the bigger issues Jersey faces over the longer term and to capture people’s views before the final vision was developed. It’s a woolly term ‘vision’ and … Read more Does Jersey need a long-term plan?

Jersey’s Digital Policy Framework – feedback so far

Innovation update

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The Innovation Review, launched in September last year, was designed to open a number of new chapters. It allows us to consider why we have succeeded in the past, to learn how we can improve on the present, and to be optimistic about our potential. Implementing the recommendations could make a meaningful difference to jobs … Read more Innovation update

Updated laws on intellectual property

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I am very pleased that the last piece of major legislation that updates Jersey’s suite of intellectual property laws has now been lodged. This particular piece of legislation deals with Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Varieties. This means that anyone who develops a distinct new variety of plant will be able to obtain an exclusive … Read more Updated laws on intellectual property