CONNECT ME: Connecting Our Communities Grant Scheme

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The Connect Me: grant scheme is an ongoing initiative by the Government of Jersey, designed to provide opportunities for residents to engage in cultural and physical activities.

With grants of up to £5,000 available, this scheme aims to foster a sense of connection among Islanders, prevent loneliness, and enhance both physical health and overall wellbeing.

An additional 46 Connect Me grants have been funded for 2024, so far, furthering the mission to engage Islanders in meaningful community activities.

The Vision Behind the Scheme

Connect Me is rooted in the belief that community engagement is vital for personal and collective wellbeing. By supporting projects that promote participation in arts and physical activities, the scheme looks to build a more connected and resilient community.

Whether through creative workshops, sports programs, or community events, the goal is to create spaces where people can come together, share experiences, and build lasting connections.

Success Stories from Early 2024

Several projects funded at the start of 2024 showcase the diverse and impactful ways in which the Connect Me grant is making a difference in Jersey.

Liberate Jersey: The Big Diversi-Tea

Liberate Jersey has launched a series of small, intersectional, relationship-based creative community events called “The Big Diversi-Tea.” These events bring diverse members of the community together over tea and art projects, fostering communication and collaboration.

“Liberate is delighted to have received a Connect Me grant to facilitate three ‘Big Diversi-Tea’ events. The aim of these events is to break down barriers between community groups who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with each other and learn about each other’s life experiences, whilst collaborating on a visual art project.

The events will encourage positive communication, empathy, and understanding between the participants, which they can then reflect on and share with their wider community groups.

This, in turn, will improve the isolation felt by marginalised individuals and enhance interconnectedness within the community as a whole.” – Kaye Nicholson, CEO Liberate Jersey

Art in the Frame Foundation: Mix, Match & Make

Art in the Frame Foundation is running a multi-generational series of creative workshops called “Mix, Match & Make.” These workshops are designed to bring parents and children over 8 years old together to explore materials like textiles, clay, and printing, providing opportunities for young people to try new creative techniques.

“Art in the Frame Foundation is thrilled to have received a Connect Me Grant to enable it to continue the Mix, Match and Make program throughout the next 12 months.

Organised through The Harbour Gallery Jersey, where we have noticed that many children do not seem to have dedicated quality time to spend with their adults.

A series of 12 to 14, 2 to 3-hour workshops, according to age, will be held by well-qualified tutors to enable parents and/or grandparents to be imaginative and work creatively together in a relaxed atmosphere using lots of creative materials.

The first 2-hour workshops will be held in August for the younger children and a family member hosted by Jennie Jewell, a local children’s author.” – Pat Robson

EYECAN: Accessible Swimming Sessions

EYECAN is offering swimming sessions for up to 100 visually impaired islanders. The program includes transportation and support staff for the activity, with a pool attendant from Cheshire Homes present to ensure a safe and accessible experience.

“EYECAN is delighted to be able to develop our social activities program thanks to the Connect Me grant. For many individuals living with visual impairment, accessing sport and recreation can be challenging.

Being able to offer swimming sessions to our members in a safe, accessible environment will positively impact the physical and mental wellbeing of participants.

Working alongside Jersey Cheshire Homes to deliver these sessions helps us develop positive relationships and provide support to other charities.” – Anne Audrain

The Connect Me: Connecting Our Communities Grant Scheme initiative is helping the lives of Jersey residents. By providing grants of up to £5,000 for projects that promote participation in arts and physical activities, the scheme is helping to build a more connected and healthier community.

Since its start in 2022, the scheme has supported 106 different projects, making a significant impact across the island. The additional 46 grants for 2024 promise to continue this positive trend, ensuring that more Islanders can benefit from the opportunities to connect, create, and thrive.

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