New Healthcare Facilities Feasibility Study: How did we evaluate the two options?

The two options for multi-site healthcare have been assessed against a series of criteria that link back to the Programme’s Critical Success Factors.

As a reminder, they are:

Option A: Acute (Inpatients) at Kensington Place and Ambulatory (Outpatients) at Overdale.

Option B: Acute (Inpatients) at Overdale and Ambulatory (Outpatients) at Kensington Place.

The options were scored during five workshops, attended by UK and local team members, clinicians, and subject matter experts.

The evaluation workshops were overseen by an independent Chair and looked at:

  • Clinical factors
  • Locational factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Economic and social factors, and
  • Construction factors

The workshop attendees were asked a number of questions, that were scored on this scale for each option:

1 = Unacceptable

3 = Adequate

5 = Good

7 = Very Good

9 = Excellent

All attendees at the Evaluation Workshops were invited to give their full and frank opinions throughout the discussions and to score individually, using the electronic platform Slido.

In addition, a group score was recorded for each question. This score was reached through debate and, where necessary, through a show of hands. In the limited circumstances where the panel was split, we were led by the opinion of the subject-matter experts in the room. Experts were from various clinical and construction specialisms, with input from designers from healthcare facilities, including island specialists.

Crown Advocate Cyril Whelan, who provided independent oversight of the process, produced a written report, which noted:

“The approach was always transparent and evidence based. There was no suggestion of bias, partisanship or ‘selling’. The meetings were carefully moderated to the highest professional standards.

“All of the meetings were characterised by their objectivity, scope, and general fairness; the resulting scores were gathered properly and are a true record of the outcomes of the proceedings.”

The evaluation process concluded that both options are feasible and deliverable. Option A scored ‘Good’ overall, while Option B scored ‘Very Good’ and is the preferred option based on the scoring.

In the next blog in this series we discuss why Option B, which provides an Acute (Inpatients) facility at Overdale and Ambulatory (Outpatients) facility at Kensington Place, scored highest.

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