Towards a digital ID – part 9

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This latest instalment in my series on our journey towards introducing a digital ID scheme for Jersey provides early sight of our draft requirements before we go to tender.

If you’ve not been following the series, or if you need a refresher on how we’ve got to this point, please review the previous blog posts on this subject so that you understand the context.

Draft requirements

Today we are publishing an advanced draft of our requirements ahead of the briefing for potential suppliers that we announced last week. An advanced draft means that the document is still subject to change.

Publishing the draft now rather than waiting until it is complete and signed off allows those who are attending Friday’s briefing to read it beforehand. It is also for the benefit of potential suppliers who are unable to attend the briefing. Feedback on the draft is welcome – please email us.

If there are any material changes to the draft between now and Friday we will provide a verbal update at the briefing.

Consult Hyperion has led the work to produce this draft. Senior managers representing Health and Social Services, Social Security, Income Tax, the States Greffe and Digital Jersey provided input.

Working in the open

Publishing the draft at this time is in the spirit of working in the open. Sharing our thinking as it evolves enables Islanders to follow this significant project. We are also aware that other jurisdictions are watching our journey with interest. We have benefited from lessons learned from those who have gone before us elsewhere in the world. We’re pleased to reciprocate.


For those who have registered to attend Friday’s briefing, we look forward to seeing you at St. Paul’s Centre at 9am.

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