States of Jersey Viscount’s Departments tender pre-qualification

The States of Jersey Viscount’s Departments wishes to hear from suppliers who are interested in submitting a pre-qualification submission relating the sourcing of a replacement to the current Phoenix System.

The Viscount’s Department is the executive arm of the Island’s Courts and States Assembly.  Its prime function is to support the delivery of Justice.  The Viscount’s Department has four main business areas (court enforcement, assize jury services, coroner, and insolvencies).

The department is looking to replace its current line of business application with a system or set of systems that will provide the following functionality:

  • case management
  • database
  • document management
  • multi-client book keeping

The objective of the Phoenix Replacement Project is to replace the current Phoenix case management and Sigma accounting applications with one or more new applications that will meet the current and future needs of the Viscount’s Department.

The core requirements of the replacement systems for the Viscount’s Department are to:

  1. record, monitor and manage the collection of fines, judgments, bail monies and compensation orders made by the Jersey Courts
  2. account for and report on third-party assets managed by the Viscount’s Department (including the proceeds of crime confiscations, curatorships and insolvencies)
  3. record, monitor and manage the enforcement activities of the Viscount’s Department (including service of process, evictions, and arrest orders)
  4. account for the activities of the Viscount’s Department (States of Jersey and third-party)
  5. report on the activities of the Viscount’s Department to manage the business effectively
  6. enable mobile working for staff based outside the office

The Viscount’s Department would prefer to use off-the-shelf applications where possible and to minimise bespoke developments.  Where necessary, the integration of off-the-shelf packages would be considered.

Interested companies are invited to register their organisation on the following portal:

Once registered, they will be able to express an interest and complete an online Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

More information is available as part of the PQQ online.

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