New Healthcare Facilities Feasibility Study: How will we ensure value for money?

Our new plan for multi-site Healthcare Facilities will deliver a third more space than the previous project; which means delivering services that were not in the brief for Our Hospital like rehab care, step down care, and therapies including Hydrotherapy.

We’ve made a commitment to deliver healthcare facilities in a cost-effective way that represents the best value for money for Islanders.

How are we going to do this?

Firstly, we’re going to be pragmatic about the financial information we make public.  

We’re absolutely committed to achieving a better overall cost for the facilities than Our Hospital, and will share information with those who hold us to account.

But we won’t be publishing our business cases. We are the only jurisdiction globally that has published its Outline Business Case, which is a commercially sensitive document.

It’s not normal practice to tell suppliers your maximum budget, and you won’t get you the best deal by doing so.

Secondly, our plans will ensure that we have the best supply chain, and make the best use of Modern Methods of Construction.

This allows development to take place more quickly, using modular techniques, with a smaller workforce – without sacrificing quality.

Thirdly we’ll be reviewing the use of existing buildings on the healthcare estate, and seeing what we can refurbish and reuse in medium term, without impacting the quality of clinical care.

Finally, we’ll be constructing the facilities for their clinical purpose. For example, we won’t be building ambulatory facilities to acute standards, which will make a saving

All of our costs are developed by experienced and professional cost advisors, using information benchmarked against similar healthcare projects around the world.

In these ways we’ll ensure that we keep value for money at the forefront of our minds, as we take the next steps to deliver the facilities we all need, on time and on budget. The majority of which will be complete by 2028.

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