Your first look at the States Assembly beta website

Our beta version of the States Assembly website is online and available for everyone to test.

We have been releasing the website in stages over the last four months and testing it with various users. So far the feedback has been really positive.

Each page is getting a make-over with a new look and feel, improved features and more importantly they are responsive for mobiles and tablets. No more pinching and zooming.

We’ve put together a simple home page for the beta site, which lists all of the pages that are available for testing at the moment. This isn’t the final home page. The new home page will be more engaging with news articles, reviews, search and lots of pictures but that will be in few months time.

States Members pages

The first pages we released for testing were the States Members pages.

The old landing page for members was very text heavy and you had to know whether a member was a Senator, Deputy or Constable in order to find them by selecting the relevant dropdown. Now, photographs and contact details for all of our members appear on the landing page, making it easier to find their contact information.



Based on user feedback we’ve moved away from the hierarchical listing and are displaying the names alphabetically. We’ve also changed members’ names to the names that they are known by.

If you want to find out more about a member, we have enhanced members’ profile pages to include more than just their contact details and biographical information. Every profile page now includes, where relevant:

  • social media links
  • voting records
  • statements made
  • questions asked

We plan on including the propositions they have lodged at a later date.

States business pages

We’ve given these pages a facelift, improved the filters and enhanced some of the functionality:

  • Hansard
  • reports
  • propositions
  • questions – we’ve added a field to allow searching by question numbers
  • States minutes
  • order papers
  • votes –  we’ve improved the layout and changed the way the graph displays

News and Scrutiny

The development of the pages we have released so far has taken us through 5 sprints. We are now working on the development of pages for Sprint 6, which involves bringing Scrutiny onto the main site, so that it is easier for users to find Scrutiny reviews and reports. We are also developing a newsroom so users can tell at a glance what has happened in the States without having to trawl through Hansard and minutes.


We are aiming to achieve the best user experience we can for the site, so we would really value your feedback. You can use the smiley faces in the right hand corner of each page or email

If you want to get involved in testing of new features contact

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