Risky (virtual asset) business?

To its supporters cryptocurrency (or virtual assets, aka VAs) is a brave new world, a digital asset that exists across computer networks, outside the control of governments and central authorities, bringing cheaper and faster money transfers for those otherwise excluded from the financial system. To its detractors it is a bubble waiting to burst, or … Read more Risky (virtual asset) business?

Why JCIS is still keeping me interested after 36 years: Mark Cockerham

Protecting non-profit organisations from criminals and terrorists

Why Jersey’s Field Squadron and not the Royal Navy, or farming?

Russian sanctions: can you sanction Crypto?

Russian sanctions: the impact so far

Meet our Prison Governor

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I came to Jersey last Easter with my husband, three children and our golden retriever. It definitely took quite a lot of re-adjusting to live in Jersey and work for the Government here, but we’re all really settled in now and loving Island life. We’ve enjoyed the winter much more than people suggested we might, … Read more Meet our Prison Governor

Increase Your (Financial) Intelligence

Channel Island Weather radar – among the most reliable

Fishy November weather at Corbiere

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With Storm Arwen’s N’ly gales providing a climax to the month of November and then the first week of December being hideously unsettled, it would be easy to forget that the majority of November was characterised by very light winds and comfortable mildness. To summarise the month… Week 1:  The airflow was slack because a … Read more Fishy November weather at Corbiere