A taste of Asia with Stars Noodle Bar this Lunar New Year 

A taste of Asia with Stars Noodle Bar this Lunar New Year 

Last year’s Lunar New Year festivities introduced a different kind of celebration to Jersey’s Central Market, with over 5000 Islanders coming together to experience traditional dragon dancing, lion dancing and even a Tasty Asian Food Market.  

Not only were the Lunar New Year celebrations an opportunity to bring a new cultural festival to Jersey for Islanders to experience, but it has also been a superb way to support local businesses. 

One of those businesses that participated last year was Star Noodles Bar, situated by the French Lane entrance of the Central Market, and they are delighted to be involved again in the upcoming 2024 Lunar New Year Festival, taking place on Sunday 11th February. 

Stars Noodle Bar has been a popular lunch destination for those eager to experience a taste of Asian cuisine. The small business, established in 2022 by Fong Wee, takes pride in curating a delightful selection of noodle-centric dishes that capture the essence of global flavours.  

Asian food is not just about the taste; it often comes with cultural and aesthetic appeal, the presentation of dishes and the use of vibrant colours are as important as the flavour. Fong Wee wants her customers to enjoy the unique dining experience that Asian cuisine offers.  

Food plays a significant role in Lunar New Year celebrations too. Families gather for elaborate meals featuring traditional dishes that hold symbolic meaning, often believed to bring luck, prosperity, and happiness.  

This is how the Star Noodles Bar owner loves to celebrate Lunar New Year, surrounded by family and enjoying beautifully prepared food.  

Fong Wee recommends if you’re to eat one dish at this year’s Lunar New Year celebrations, it has to be dumplings, as consuming dumplings during the New Year is believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the year ahead. 

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