Treasury and Exchequer Launches Flexible Working Opportunities Events

Treasury and Exchequer is on the lookout for talented finance professionals to join our dynamic teams in a flexible working environment. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or someone looking for a better work-life balance, we’ve got something for you.

Who Are We Looking For?

If you’re a part-qualified or fully qualified finance professional, or perhaps someone with extensive experience under their belt, we encourage you to explore the myriad of flexible roles within our department. We place a strong emphasis on the flexibility and support we provide to professionals like you.

Join Us at Our Upcoming Events!

To share more insights about these fantastic opportunities, we’re hosting events where you can meet our finance teams and have all your burning questions answered. It’s the perfect chance to dive into the world of flexible working and discover what makes Treasury and Exchequer such an exceptional place to be.

Tuesday 24 October 20237pm to 8pmThe Studio, 28 – 30 The Parade, St Helier
Tuesday 24 October 20231pm to 2pmOnline
Friday 27 October 202310am to 11amOnline
Saturday 4 November 20232.30pm to 3.30pmThe Studio, 28 – 30 The Parade, St Helier

We want to share these opportunities!

We can’t wait to see you at our upcoming events. Get ready to embark on a journey of growth, flexibility, and success with Treasury and Exchequer!

To come to the event you need to register by email to Stephanie Ward on

Working in Our Department?

At Treasury and Exchequer, we offer a wide range of roles that reflect the diverse services we deliver to the government and Islanders. We welcome professionals from various backgrounds, whether it’s finance, accountancy, tax, commercial and procurement, data analysis, investments, auditing, governance, project management, or people management.

We’re dedicated to providing guidance, flexible work arrangements, and tailored support programs and training sessions. These are custom-tailored to suit the unique needs of professionals, especially those making a comeback to the workforce. Your skills are not just valued here; they are in high demand!

📈 The Finance Department

Within our Finance Department, we’re entrusted with managing the cash and investments of significant government financial assets and employee pension schemes. We work tirelessly to optimize financial processes and embrace modern technologies to improve standardization across all government departments.

Our commitment extends to ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the government, contributing to essential documents like the Government Plan and Annual Accounts.

💰 Tax

Our Tax function, known as Revenue Jersey, handles over £800 million in revenue collection annually, which funds Jersey’s public services. From administering income tax to supporting international tax exchange agreements, our team is at the forefront of financial integrity and transparency.

💼 Commercial Services

The Commercial Services team is all about driving value for money and quality through effective procurement. We offer expert advice to various departments and enable data-driven decision-making, facilitating an insight-led approach to government spending.

🔒 Assurance and Risk

Our Assurance and Risk team is dedicated to managing and mitigating risks that could affect our organization’s objectives. With a focus on governance, internal audit, and risk management, we help Jersey entities understand and navigate the ever-changing risk landscape.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

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