Jersey Gazette goes digital by default

The Jersey Gazette is for the publication of official notices and other matters requiring to be brought to the attention of the public and for nearly 60 years Jersey Gazette notices have been required to be published in the Jersey Evening Post.

On 26 June 2018, the States Assembly voted to bring into force the Official Publications (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Law 2017. This enables the Chief Minister to prescribe, by Order, how the Jersey Gazette is published.

On Friday 13 July 2018 the Official Publications (Publication of Jersey Gazette) (Jersey) Order 2018 was signed and came into force on Saturday 14 July 2018. This Order means that Jersey Gazette notices are now required to be published online at

The objectives of putting official notices online are to better communicate with the public and to save money. Our previous blog posts and eGov project page on discuss this in more detail.

Jersey Gazette notices on

We began publishing Jersey Gazette notices online, in parallel with the Jersey Evening Post, in February 2016. This was to allow users to become familiar with the online version. In that time, over 800 official notices have been published on

The Jersey Gazette on provides;

  • on-site search
  • easy mobile access
  • email subscription

The Jersey Gazette section of the website can be filtered by year, month, notice type and by department or parish. We also publish notices on Twitter.

Receive Jersey Gazette notices relevant to you

Not every notice is relevant to everyone, so allows you to specify the types of notices you receive. If you only want to receive notices from your parish, or from all the parishes but not from States of Jersey departments, that’s easy to do, simply set your preferences in the email notifications area.

If you’re already a email subscriber, we’ll include these Jersey Gazette notifications in the same email to avoid filling up your inbox. If you’re a new user, you can choose to add news or product recall announcements to your preferences too.

Gazette notices in print makes printing official notices easy and clear to read, so you may see them on noticeboards or you can ask for a free copy from States buildings, parish halls or you can print it yourself at the library.

Whilst the requirement for notices to be published in a newspaper has been removed, parishes, government departments and other organisations are still able to advertise in printed and online publications as they see fit in order to best communicate with their customers.

Tools for publishers

Official notices on are available via a RSS feed that allows us to publish official notices to Twitter and for third parties, such as media outlets, to publish them too.

Official notices are also available from our open data website and parameters can be used to return department or parish specific notices.

Read Jersey Gazette notices at

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